Distributome Usability Training Video

We need to script and produce a 5-10 minute video representing the functionaility of the Distributome Infrastudcture. Example script could include:

  1. What is the Distributome Project? Team? History? Goals? Vision?
  2. Why are Probability Distributions interesting and useful as models (math, bio, computation)?
  3. The 5 Distributome Use-Cases (distribution property and inter-distribution relation exploration, sampling/simulation, computation, modeling)
  4. HTML5 Navigator (Navigator functionality, browser/device agnostic)
  5. Distribution Properties (nodes), Inter-distributional relations (edges), references (citations)
  6. Distributome XML DB Editor (under development), include technical info about XML/XSD format
  7. Distributome Web-Service (under development)
  8. Community Contributions
  9. Classroom utilization and learning activities
  10. Future developments