Distributome Update: December 07, 2011

  • Distributome Human XML DB Search. We modified the search functionality to include:
  • Bibliography (Reference Manager) – we are still exploring BibJSON. Jim’s Distributome BibJSON construct looks great. We just need to figure out how to computationally consume (parse, read, load) and produce (revise, update, modify, save) these references programmatically. Looking for specific tools and examples of how we can accomplish these 2 operations from the Distributome site/webapps? Are there open-source HTML5/JS parsers for BibJSON and how to tie these with the Distributome.xml DB?
  • Resource Debugging: For technical users, we’ve introduced an optional debugging functionality documented here. This is the infrastructure that we’ll be now populating.
  • Distributome Editor: We are in the process of implementing the user-interface for editing the XML DB meta-data in the browser. Aiming to complete this in the next 1-2 months.
  • Distributome Navigator Layered/Multiscale View: Trying to simplify the Navigator view by introducing hierarchical multiscale rendering of the Distributome DB (nodes and edges). We’re working on this and the approach is to employ a new Distributome.xml.pref (preferences file) that allows specifying diverse run-time Navigator behaviors, incl. the hierarchy of Distributions/Relations to display. Please have a look at the current (15+15+All) list of 3-level hierarchy and let us know if we need modifications. This functionality will be live in the next few weeks.