Distributome Blog allows LaTeX Post Editing Using MathJax

The Distributome Blog now allows editing using MathJax-based math typography. For example:

  • Typing \\( \\int\_{\\pi}^{\\infty}{\\ln (x) dx} \\), replace the “\\” by “\” to render the formula in the blog page,
  • Would generate this: \( \int_{\pi}^{\infty}{\ln (x) dx} \)
For hidden fields you need to use the following alternatives as analogues of commonly used TeX/LaTeX syntax (as the JavaScript code behind the MathJax and the Hidden-answers plug-ins are incompatible):
  • For equal-sign “=”, use the \( \\equiv \) symbol (\(\equiv \))
  • For vertical bar “|”, use \( \\vert \) symbol (\(\vert \))
  • There may be other LaTeX/TeX alternative symbols that may need to be used for MathJax math typesetting in hidden fields!

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