Updates and Dynamic Distribution Name-to-Resource Mapping

In March 2012, we expanded the collection of Distributome calculators, simulators and experiments.

In addition we introduced a new mechanism to infer the unique URLs (HTML wrappers) for the Distributome Tools (calculatorssimulators and experiments). When users navigate the Distributome universe, the second panel on the right side contains dynamic links to Sim, Calc and Exp that are specific for the user-selected distribution. These links need to be dynamically generated using the name of the Distribution. In distributome.js, this dynamic linking is accomplished via:

  • document.getElementById(‘distributome.calculator’).href = ‘./calc/’+firstChar+nodeName+’Calculator.html‘;
  • document.getElementById(‘distributome.experiment’).href = ‘./exp/’+firstChar+nodeName+’Experiment.html‘;
  • document.getElementById(‘distributome.simulation’).href = ‘./sim/’+firstChar+nodeName+’Simulation.html‘;

In Distributome Navigator these 3 HTML tags/fields are defined as:

  • <li><a href=“./calc/NormalCalculator.html” target=“_blank” title=“Interactive Distribution Calculator” id=distributome.calculator>Calculator</a></li>
  • <li><a href=“./exp/PoissonExperiment.html” target=“_blank” title=“Run Virtual Distribution Experiment” id=distributome.experiment>Experiment</a></li>
  • <li><a href=“./sim/NormalSimulation.html” target=“_blank” title=“Distribution Sampling and Simulation” id=distributome.simulation>Simulation</a></li>

We are looking for the best (most-efficient, most-reliable, most-scalable, most-extensible) solution to this mapping issue.