Distributome Game 3 (Monty Hall Style)

Distributome Game 3 (Monty Hall/3-shell style) was just released on the Distributome website. The objective of this game is to score the most amount of points by choosing the card (density graph) that matches the given distribution plot.

This game is a variation of the 3-card Monty Hall game, also known as the 3 card game or 3 shell game. The game begins when the start button is pressed. Afterwards, all cards on the field are flipped face up for a brief interval in order to reveal each card’s density curve. Next, all cards are once again flipped face down, and around on the board. Once the cards have finished being shuffled, the prompt square will either ask for a certain distribution by name or by its corresponding histogram, depending on the mode that is currently selected. Once a card has been selected, the appropriate amount of points will be added to the player’s score, and the next round will begin. Game ends when when the pre-selected number of rounds have passed. Players receive 1 point per each correct answer. No points are deducted for incorrect answers.